The agricultural business Les Crêtes

The agricultural business Les Crêtes snc operates primarily in Aymavilles managing 18 hectares all together of vineyards along the orographic axis of the Dora Baltea.

It was established in 1989 as a corporation and the current owners are Mr. Costantino Charrère and his family.

The productive area is located in a geographic area strongly characterized by the mountain: sandy and loose moraine soil, lying on steep slopes, high-density planting (8/10,000 feet/ha), strong presence of local and typical vinestocks, and marked biodiversity of the territory.

The production of the business is around 180,000 bottles per year, 50% marketed in Aosta Valley, 40% in Italy and the remaining 10% abroad.
The product range is represented by local strains (Petit Rouge, Fumin, Petite Arvine, Gros Rouge, Cornalin, Mayolet, Prëmetta) and from international strains (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah).

The wine cellar has a tasting room, ample parking and is located 1 km from the highway tollbooth of west Aosta, in the direction of Monte Bianco tunnel.

The most extensive productive business section is located in the geographic area Les Cretes, in the community of Aymavilles, from which the business itself takes its name. The hill of Coteau La Tour is the most "precious" vineyard of the business and is one of the most beautiful of the entire Aosta Valley. It can be admired, located above and on the left, from the exit of the Aosta west tollbooth, arriving from Turin.

The wines produced are, among the whites, the Petite Arvine, classic Chardonnay, Cuvée Bois Chardonnay and Blanc while reds include Torrette, Pinot Noir, Fumin, the Coteau Tour Syrah and Rouge.

The productive "tension" of the business revolves around the entire finishing process, executed with the maximum attention and care, with respect for the environment, and in the continuous search for quality for the pleasure of the final consumer.

Loc Villetos, 50
11010 Aymavilles
Tel: +39 0165 90 22 74
Fax: +39 0165 90 27 58
Cell: +39 335 80 95 650


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